“Absolutely amazing - had done some welding before but this was my first introduction to MIG work. It is exactly like a hot glue gun for metal, super cool. The workshop was lovely and after having learned the basics it made her artworks all the more impressive knowing the skill required to make them!” Fred

“Orly did a fantastic job organizing and curating this unique artistic experience! A friend and I decided to check it out, always having a bit of an interest in welding, and it was even better than we imagined. As a beginner, she was patient and thorough in explaining every step of the process, giving plenty of chances to practice hands on. Her passion for welding and metal work came through, and the experience of being in her beautiful studio was inspiring in itself. It allowed you to see the possibilities for creative metal work from a true expert, and changes how you look at welds in the world around you. Would definitely recommend!” Jarrod M.

“Such a unique creative experience! Orly walked a small group through the basics of welding and we had an opportunity to practice in real life! Truly fun and engaging artistic afternoon. Highly recommend to those interested in learning about the principles of this art form.” Kylene B.

“Sure, you've cast a clay pot or mug, you've used a belt saw to make something out of balsa wood, maybe you've even woven baskets underwater. But have you ever held a fistful of lightning and used it to melt steel plates at the molecular level? If you want to enjoy a fascinating, unique and memorable experience that you will think and talk about for years, this is the experience for you. The workshop began with a tour of the artist's studio, which was enjoyable in its own right. Orly's workspace is stacked with pieces from her past and current works, which she cheerfully explained. The beauty of the electroplated jewelery and the conceptual nature of her current pieces were particularly enjoyable, and there were several work in progress. Steel is, to me at least, an unusual medium, and Orly's work is provocative; the works contrast a tactile appeal with a vague sense of danger due to the weight of the metal, the edges and points of the steel structures, and the memetic undertones of conflict and struggle. Following the tour, we were given a practical lecture on the physics of MIG welding, as well as an explanation of the machinery we'd be using and safety instructions. Then, after donning jackets, masks, and gloves, we got our hands on the welding gun and began learning how to join steel plates. The instruction was excellent - as a software engineer myself I prefer to grok the whole process before beginning anything, and she was patient and thorough in answering all of my (many) questions. My first weld was a bit ugly, but she gave excellent feedback on what I was doing wrong. My second weld was much cleaner. We did four different joins, and Orly helped us improve over the course of the workshop, offering to physically guide students who felt comfortable with that approach, and giving verbal feedback to others. By the end of the afternoon, I had a great understanding of the welding process and a nice set of simple pieces I could use for a coffee table display. Making something is almost always rewarding, and I definitely felt that pride as we left. We also took a lot of pictures and video - make sure you bring a friend with you to class to do this! The photos we took are fantastic and definitely unique. Social media enthusiasts will love this class. Overall, a wonderful and memorable experience. I learned a lot and enjoyed myself - A+!“ Jordan W.

“I have been an industrial welder for a long time , so I wanted to see welding-from an artists perspective , and finally got to make something for myself , also their was a beginner , and by the end of the class , I would say he had it down,, Orly is Very professional.” Patrick

“Orly's beginner welding class was the perfect way to get started welding. You learn all of the safety and procedures of using very powerful equipment. Students get hands on quickly, you will be surprised how comfortable welding for the first time can be. Orly has a wonderful shop and clearly demonstrates her experience with teaching and sharing her expertise.” Chris