Experimental Abstract Painting

Experimental Abstract Painting Workshop - 1.5hr

Experimental Abstract Painting Workshop - 1.5hr


Experimental Approach Through Abstract Painting Workshop is open to ages 15+.

Short Workshop

This is a 1.5 hr workshop that teaches experimental approaches to painting. Not your traditional painting workshop when everyone comes out with the same painting, not copying any other paintings. Most importantly this is an ART class. In this workshop you will be using the idea of "Chance" in determining a process of painting. We will use blind fold for some of the class and unplanned situations that naturally occur and directly incorporate them into the process of painting. We will have several exercises to go through and midway through the workshop we will take a short break to discuss contemporary art and my personal art practice. By the end of the workshop you will have a 24"x18" canvas with your own original abstract painting to take home. The price includes materials. Max 6 people per workshop. This class is $75/person.

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